selective service classifications


                        Class   I

Class I-A :       Available for military service

Class I- A-O    Conscientious objector available for noncombatant military service only

Class I –C        Member for the Armed Forcesof the United States, the Coast and Geodetic Survey, or the Public Health Service

Class I-D         Qualified member of reserve component, or student taking military training, including R.O.T.C. and accepted aviation cadet applicant

Class I-O         Conscientious objector available for civilian work contributing to the maintenance of the national health, safety,     or interest

Class I –S        Student deferred by law until graduation from high school or attainment of age 20, or until end of his academic year at a college or university

Class I –W      Conscientious objector performing civilian work contributing to the maintenance of the national, safety, or interest, or who has completed such work

Class I – Y       Registrant qualified for military service only in time of war or national emergency



                      Class II

Class II –A      Occupational deferment (other than agricultural or student)

Class II – C     Agricultural deferment

Class II – S      Student deferment



                       Class III

Class III –A     Extreme hardship deferment, or registrant with a child or children



                      Class IV

Class IV – A:   Registrant with sufficient prior military service or who is a sole surviving son

Class IV – B    Official deferred by law

Class IV – C    Alien not currently liable for military service

Class IV – D    Minister of religion or divinity student

Class IV – F     Registrant not qualified for military service


                     Class V

Class V – A      Registrant over the age of liability for military service